Since Huawei announced the sale of the Honor brand, in just a few weeks, the newly established entity has been looking for new suppliers for its equipment. Correspondingly, it was recently confirmed that Honor and Qualcomm are in advanced negotiations on a deal to supply chipsets.

Now MediaTek, another leading smartphone processor manufacturer, has confirmed that it is determining and evaluating legal matters related to the restrictions imposed on Huawei by the United States. If all goes well, the company will be able to provide Honor with chipsets.

Given that Huawei can no longer take responsibility, this development comes at a time when the Honor brand establishes new supply chain relationships with other companies to restart its smartphone production.

According to reports, the company will complete the signing of new labor contracts for its personnel before the end of this month. Therefore, the new version of Honor will all enter the market in January 2021, and is expected to launch a new V40 series of smart phones.

The upcoming Honor V series will be powered by MediaTek chipsets, but it is said that the company will use chips already in its inventory and will not receive new revenue from the Taiwanese company.

Given that the company’s CEO, Zhao Ming, recently communicated with all employees, and his goal is to make the brand surpass Huawei and become China’s leading smartphone company, Honor is expected to fully resume operations in China.

At the same time, Qualcomm has obtained permission from the US government to continue to conduct business with Huawei on several types of products such as 4G, computing and Wi-Fi. However, the company said it is still trying to obtain a license for another set of products.