Amazon today has released the next-generation Echo Frames smart glasses. The second-generation smart glasses have added improvements in sound and battery. Fortunately, anyone can buy it now.


Amazon announced in its official newsletter (via The Verge) that it will transition Echo Frames smart glasses from day one to mature products. Therefore, you can pre-order Smart Glasses on Amazon for $249.99.

In addition, those who purchase the old version can upgrade to this version for $70. If we remember, the first Echo Frames smart glass was priced at $179.99.

Shipments will begin on December 10, and Smart glasses are eligible for out-of-network insurance reimbursement. Supported providers include VSP Vision Care, EyeMed and Cigna. Amazon also cooperates with LensCrafters, an international prescription eyewear retailer.


When it comes to design, the new Echo Frames (second generation) smart glasses are similar to the previous products.

You can get a rectangular frame design on the front. The outer shell of the frame is thick and extends to the nose grasping position.

Therefore, there is no external nose clip. However, the profile is different from typical glasses. Echo Frames smart glasses have larger temples and accommodate internal parts. In other words, the second generation brings two new color schemes.

Therefore, these three new colors are modern tortoise, horizon blue and classic black. In terms of manufacturing quality, just like the previous version, the glasses are graded TR-90, carbon fiber and titanium.

They are equipped with non-corrective lenses and are also compatible with prescription lenses.


Usually, this is smart glasses. Therefore, it supports Bluetooth and Smart Assistant connection functions. To be precise, Amazon’s smart glasses have two major functions.

You can pair it with Android/iOS devices and interact with Amazon Alexa such as Echo Buds. In addition, smart glasses can also play audio via Bluetooth connection.

As mentioned earlier, the new generation has improvements in audio, battery and other features. Precisely, it can now automatically adjust the volume based on the noise level at the start of playback.

In addition, it also has microphone response to voice, VIP filter (priority application/contact), support for calendar and group messaging and other functions.

Amazon said the battery life of the new glasses will be 40% longer than the first generation glasses. That is, if you keep the volume at 60%.

It will also turn off by itself when inverted for more than three seconds. If we remember, there are rumors that Amazon’s Smart Glass was released as early as 2017, and it was not until the company launched it last year.

However, unlike this iteration, the previous iteration can only be used as an invitation product.