Advanced Micro Devices, Inc, AMD has announced that their anticipated products are still on schedule to launch this year.

AMD CEO Lisa Su disclosed this during the company’s second-quarter earnings briefing.

This includes its 7nm processors based on Zen 3 architecture and its RDNA 2 (or “Big Navi”) graphics cards.

Su also disclosed that AMD began initial production and shipment of next-gen console chips. Including for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Both consoles are set for release later this year.

This is all good news for people hoping to upgrade their PCs with upcoming AMD parts, or those interested in buying a new console later this year.

Su disclosed that part of AMD’s success in recent time came from its Ryzen 4000 mobile processors, which power an increasing number of very good laptops. That, for the most part, offer a lot of power and solid battery life for the money.

AMD still expects uncertainty throughout the rest of the year due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic. But the company still hopes to continue production this year.