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Apple has been working on several new technologies, one of which is for self-driving cars, and the company has used it for another product-electric cars. Now, there are some major developments related to this.

A new  report from Reuters claims that Apple is promoting the development of its electric car technology and plans to start production in 2024. Not only cars, the company is also working on “next-level” battery technology.

For those who don’t know, Apple’s self-driving car project Project Titan has been working since 2014, and the company has designed its own electric car from the ground up.

However, the project is difficult to proceed smoothly, so Apple decided to focus only on the software part of the technology. But a few years ago, Doug Field returned from Tesla to Apple, responsible for the project and reorganized the team.

It seems that the development of this project is of great significance to the company’s production of commercial vehicles.

Reuters added that Apple’s goal is to manufacture private cars for the mass market, while its competitors such as Google’s Waymo are building autonomous taxis to carry passengers to provide driverless ride-hailing services.

The report also clarified the batteries that can be used in cars. A person familiar with the matter said that a new battery design can “fundamentally” reduce battery costs while increasing the vehicle’s range.

It is not clear which company will assemble the Apple-branded cars. Apple may also decide to continue to develop the software part and integrate its technology into cars produced by traditional automakers.