Apple HomePod mini


Last month, Apple launched the HomePod Mini, which is a relatively inexpensive version of the HomePod smart speaker. Today, the technology giant has officially launched the product in the Chinese market, and reservations are now available.

In China, Apple HomePod Mini is available in two colors-space gray and white. Its price is 749 yuan, roughly equivalent to 114 US dollars, and will start shipping to customers on December 11, that is, it will be available in retail stores on the same day.

As for the design, the product has a spherical body, but has a flat base, which can remain stable when placed on a surface.

The top is also flat and equipped with a screen. The body is wrapped in a mesh fabric, similar to what we see in Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Echo smart speaker product lines.

As a technical part, the device is equipped with a unit driver and two passive radiators at the bottom, as well as an acoustic waveguide. It is powered by an Apple S5 chip that claims to provide “computed audio”.

It has an intercom function, which is very similar to the broadcast function of Google Assistant.

Therefore, when two HomePod Minis are placed close to each other, they will connect and automatically work in stereo mode.

The same intercom function can also be used as a walkie-talkie, allowing users to send voice messages to other HomePod speakers in the house, and the user on the other end can reply.

Like all other smart speakers, this speaker can also be used as a hub or controller to control smart home devices.