Earlier today (November 9, 2020), Apple announced that its Taiwanese supplier Pegatron was sentenced to probation because the company was found to have violated its supplier code for hiring student workers and required them to work overtime and night shifts.

According to Reuters reports, Pegatron misclassified student workers and even provided false documents to cover up their illegal activities.

As the students were even engaged in non-professional cases, this also led to multiple breaches of contracts.

For those who don’t know, the supplier is one of the few companies hired from Taiwan by the Cupertino giant, which also dominates its supply chain.

An Apple spokesperson said at a meeting: “A few weeks ago, we discovered that Pegatron-one of Apple’s suppliers in China-violated the “Apple Supplier Code of Conduct” when managing student work and study programs.” Further added: “Apple has placed Pegatron in a trial period, and Pegatron will not get any new business from Apple unless they have completed all necessary corrective measures.”

At present, the probation clause is not clear. In addition, Apple’s investigation has not found any evidence of minor coercion or contract labor.

Since then, Pegatron has fired the executives who directly participated in the supervision of the plan, and the minors have also taken off the production line and received “appropriate compensation.”