A new Apple patent once again surfaced, the company detailed the mechanism of the unique hinge design. As we all know, the company has been studying many different ideas through these patents, the latest of which shows how the display can be expanded with the hinge point, which may become the future foldable iPhone.

According to a report by AppleInsider , the Cupertino company recently issued a patent application earlier this week.

The title of the patent is “Electronic Equipment with Foldable Expandable Display”. Apple has applied for patents for certain designs of the foldable iPhone in the past, which is another proof that the company will launch a foldable phone in the future.

However, a noteworthy aspect of the latest patents is the company’s work on hinge structures. Looking at the patent, we can observe the multi-link hinge structure, which means that the hinge is not composed of a single mechanism, but is composed of multiple complex structures as a whole.

The patent also points out that the hinge structure may include “gear teeth, belts and/or other motion synchronization structures”, and may also have the characteristics of “members that move relative to each other during bending”.

In addition, these moving parts may also include compromise rods and connecting rods with opposite curved bearing surfaces.

This will also include a stop surface that “prevents excessive rotation of the rod and link relative to each other”. The link can even rotate around a pivot, which is located in a certain position of the display, and the hinge structure is “not within the thickness of the display.”

In simpler terms, the patent may be an iPhone with an expandable display, or even an iPhone with a slide-out display.

This is indicated by “a housing structure that supports folding, sliding, rolling, and/or other behaviors”, which may apply to compact devices that can provide additional screen space.

Unfortunately, it is still too early to tell the practical use of this display technology. Apple may just include it in products other than the iPhone. So stay tuned for more updates