Face ID


Apple has just obtained a new patent related to the Face ID biometric security system. The patent details the next generation of advancements in facial recognition technology, which apparently uses facial heat maps for identity verification.

According to the Apple Patent Report, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the giant new patent in Cupertino. Currently, security in the form of biometrics is a very common function in most smartphones, and it exists in one form or another.

Examples are fingerprint recognition or facial recognition technology. Now, Apple seems to be developing the next generation of Face ID technology, which spreads heat on the user’s face for identity verification.

Traditionally, the facial recognition technology we see today mainly uses the user’s face in the captured image. However, the main disadvantage of this method is that any obstacles (such as glasses, masks or hair) may hinder the authentication process.

Apple Face ID

This is where the new Apple patent is introduced, which can radiate heat from the user’s face. The occlusion heat map can be in the form of a grid representing different areas of the face surface.

In other words, the determined value of the occlusion of these areas can be regarded as the unique signature recorded by the device. This means that everyone’s unique facial expressions can be used to unlock Apple devices.

This could help eliminate the problems faced by traditional facial recognition technology, and also allow the company to continue to use its Face ID system, which became impractical after the pandemic due to the more widespread use of face masks.