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This weekend, Apple decided to close all its stores in California, including stores in the San Francisco Bay area. After the company started closing Los Angeles stores last week, the number reached nearly 100.

At present, the Cupertino giant has closed all its retail stores in California and issued a notice to inform customers that its stores are temporarily closed.

However, before December 22, 2020, certain pending orders are still allowed to be used for transfers and other genius bar reservations.

Unfortunately, it is not clear when these stores will reopen, however, it is certain that these stores will remain closed during the holidays, according to a MacRumors report.

Similarly, Apple also closed stores in Tennessee and other stores in the Tier 4 restricted area in the UK on the weekend. In addition, the company closed 18 stores in Germany and the Netherlands last week, and will also close stores in Mexico and Brazil within this week.

Apple Store

The Apple Store, which is still open in the United States, now operates only with limited “Express” capabilities.

Meaning, they only allow pick-ups and appointments at the genius bar, not shopping and browsing in the store. Since the beginning of this year, Apple has been closing stores, and many places have been closed for several months throughout the spring due to the ongoing pandemic.

Since June, the company began to reopen stores, but said it may close again according to local conditions and guidelines. Currently, 400 stores are still open, all of them need to have a face mark, only limited store check-in, temperature check and proper social evacuation through regular cleaning.