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The Italian antitrust authorities fined Apple 10 million euros (approximately 12 million U.S. dollars) earlier this week. The company was fined for its iPhone’s “aggressive and misleading” business practices.

According to a report from ET, the regulator said in a statement that the Cupertino-based giant has been promoting certain aspects of its iPhone, but that may not be the case.

The culprit is the water resistance requirements of the company. Obviously, the water resistance requirement is only applicable in certain controlled environments and has never been clarified to its customers.

In other words, in the real world, its waterproof performance is not very ideal, and this false statement can be traced back to iPhone 8.

In addition, the issue also involves its warranty service. Apple added a disclaimer stating that if its iPhone suffers liquid damage, it is not covered by the warranty.

As the antitrust agency said, this actually deceives customers who think their phones are waterproof, but cannot seek support if the device is damaged by exposure to liquids.

Unfortunately, Apple currently refuses to comment on this matter. Therefore, please stay tuned, because we will provide more updates when there is more information about this matter or the company finally resolves the huge fines facing Italy publicly.