The well-known Apple supplier Murata Manufacturing Co. predicts that in the next fiscal year, the demand for 5G-enabled smartphones will reach one billion US dollars. As companies scramble to grab Huawei’s market share in the global consumer market, this news has also arrived.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple and other smart phone brands, the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramic capacitors, expect that by the end of this year, the demand for 5G devices will reach 500 million.

Major OEMs such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo will try to protect components for their smartphone products. The two companies will also work hard to ensure the gap left by Huawei Technologies.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. President Norio Nakajima (Norio Nakajima) stated in December 2020 that due to strong market demand, the company’s factories will not be closed during the holiday period to keep up with increasing orders. The senior official said: “The use of our cutting-edge capacitors for smartphones is the most serious.” He further added: “These mobile phone manufacturers are competing for Huawei’s supply capacity.

Once they get Huawei’s support, I’m not sure about their How much the actual output forecast will support. I think this is overheating, so it is expected that their orders will fall in February and March.”

The president of Apple’s suppliers said that in the current fiscal year, the industry has reached 300 million 5G smartphones, and it is expected that this number will reach at least 500 million in the coming year.

In addition, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is also preparing to make capital expenditures to keep up with increasing demand.

Interestingly, analysts believe that Murata’s forecast is “too conservative”, believing that the demand for 5G mobile phones (especially Apple) will not fade soon and will continue to exceed expectations.