Apple VR


Despite multiple rumors about Apple AR/VR headsets and their functions, a recent report pointed out that it may wear a liquid-filled lens, which will also make it suitable for users with poor eyesight.

According to a report by AppleInsider, this giant’s augmented reality/virtual reality headset in Cupertino may contain a liquid that can be deformed into the shape of a lens to help improve the user’s vision.

Apple VR

In AR or VR headsets, an indispensable aspect is the ability to view virtual content. However, since the headset usually places the display near the user’s eyes, this may cause discomfort when working overtime for a long time.

Generally, VR headsets use optical lenses between the eyes and the screen, so being able to adjust the perceived focal length for the user may make it more comfortable to use.

At this moment, the commonly used technology will change the displacement distance between the lens and the user to change the perceived focal length.

In addition, if the user has poor eyesight, this can still cause problems, which may require changing the lens to completely eliminate the problem. Since it is impractical to change the lens, this will cause the user to take off the glasses before using the VR headset.

However, Apple may be able to solve this problem through a recent patent called “Electronic Device with Adjustable Lens.”

In the patent, the company proposes to eliminate the problem of lens selection and switching by using a single lens system.

The iPhone manufacturer recommends using fluid and pressure to adjust through a stretchable lens, which requires almost no user input.

All in all, Apple may be creating a series of lens components around a central fluid cavity that can be adjusted by inflating or emptying to change its optical characteristics.