Apple & Hyundai


It was recently confirmed that Apple’s negotiations with Hyundai Motor and its subsidiary Kia Motors did not materialize, and the latter’s self-driving car partnership with the tech giant did not materialize. Now, a new report claims that the company has also approached Nissan.

Apple has established an Apple Car partnership with Japan-based Nissan, but the report stated that negotiations are no longer active and discussions after brief contacts have not been elevated to senior management.

It is said that Apple has differences in the brand of self-driving cars. People familiar with the matter said that the American giant wanted Apple-branded cars, thereby downgrading Nissan to a hardware supplier.

Apple found it difficult to work with auto companies to develop its upcoming smart car called “Project Titan.” For fear of becoming the “Foxconn of the auto industry,” automakers stay away from Apple.

Nissan’s chief operating officer Ashwani Gupta said that although the company has not cooperated with Apple, the company is still willing to explore partnerships with technology groups to adapt to connected cars and autonomous driving. Change.

Recently, we reported that Apple’s self-driving car technology is developing rapidly and plans to produce passenger cars powered by the company’s own breakthrough battery technology as early as 2024. It may be 2028.