Carviar Airpods


Russian luxury brand caviar has just announced that it will launch a customized version of AirPods Max. The company is known for producing luxurious models of popular high-tech products, and has just launched a new “pure gold” version of Apple’s audible devices at a high price of $108,000.

According to a report by MacRumors, the customized AirPods Max will be launched sometime in 2021 and will be available in two color options, namely white and black. Each color variant “is one in the world.”

This means that the headset will be produced to order and may be an exclusive product. Looking at the design of the caviar customized version of Apple AirPods Max, you can easily notice why the gold-plated headphones are expensive.

According to the official statement of Caviar, the pure gold design “looks elegant, emphasizes the identity of the owner and impeccable taste” and is designed for people who “want to always be on the top”.

Prior to this, Caviar also launched a customized iPhone 12 Pro version, apparently also equipped with a small piece of the original Apple I computer circuit board. Although, this claim has caused controversy.

Apart from its bright golden aesthetic, its sound is most likely to be similar to any other AirPods Max headset. In other words, basically paying for exclusive designs and gilding.

This is not aimed at ordinary consumers, it is likely to target Caviar’s elite customer base. Please let us know your thoughts on customizing AirPods Max in the comments section below.