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Google owned browser Chrome has announced a new feature to help users save data.

The new feature is known as lazy loading and is aimed to help users save data.

Lazy loading feature is achieved by delaying when images that are out of view loads. Meaning that they won’t be downloaded and displayed until you scroll down and get them in the view, hence decreasing the initial website startup speed and helping save data.

This feature has been available on Chrome since 2019 when Chrome 76 was launched. But there has been an improvement on it.

The new improvement lies on what is known as distance from viewpoint which dictates when the image should load depending on its distance from the current view.

The new distance from viewpoint feature which have been reduced significantly means that the image will load when you’re a bit closer to it than previously.

This would enable the image load before you actually get to it, saving you time so you won’t wait for images to load.