Nowadays, due to increasing pollution, emissions and current epidemics, breathing clean air has become a luxury. In order to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading through the air, Kickstarter recently launched the Clean-Tech air purifier and has successfully raised more than $160,000.

This air purifier uses medical-grade technology to provide reliable whole-room filtration. After the recent lockdown, this may be the key to safely opening many commercial and commercial spaces.


UVC lamp is an effective technology, it provides a better cleaning effect than chemicals, and prevents damage to the fabric.


The FDA believes that this light is safe at 254nm and can effectively inactivate/destroy microorganisms at the molecular level. In addition, the non-light leakage design of the Clean-Tech air purifier makes it safer to use.


Clean technology air purifiers use HEPA and UVC lighting technology for air purification, and hospitals and airports also use this technology. Its two-stage air purification technology focuses on the maximum UVC exposure time, rather than just collecting pollution and maximizing air volume, thus rethinking the basics.


In the first stage, a HEPA 10 air filter is used to purify the room to remove large particles and allergens to optimize the UVC effect. This stage is essential for large-scale circulation and purification of air.

In the next part, air enters the clean room through the ReflectTech mirror coating. This surface treatment can increase reflectivity by up to 30% to amplify light and slow down airflow, while exposing the particles to the maximum UV dose. This also prevents particles from sticking to the sides of the chamber.

In addition, the coating also helps to bounce and focus the 254μm UVC wavelength into the chamber. This entire process enables the Clean-Tech air purifier to completely disinfect the air.


The vertical chamber of the Clean-Tech air purifier can slow down the air flow and increase the dosing time.

It ensures long-term exposure to UV-C light to enhance air cleanliness. The 3-speed brushless fan ensures quiet operation, and the raised air inlet adds further versatility.

This air purifier is safe to use 24/7 and can be placed in various personal and commercial spaces. Its stylish and elegant design blends perfectly with most decorations.


The Clean-Tech air purifier is very suitable for the current era because it helps reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria in a shared environment and allows many companies to conduct business in a safe manner.

This multifunctional device was launched by Kickstarter and is an ideal supplement to ensure maximum safety. To learn more about this product, interested users can click here.