Dell Monitor


American computer manufacturer Dell recently announced the launch of some new products in its Latitude series of laptops, which feature Intel’s new next-generation vPro chip and an integrated webcam shutter function called “SafeShutter” to serve business customers .

In addition, the company also announced UltraSharp 40 curved WUHD displays and Dell 34 curved video conference monitors, which are available with 24-inch and 27-inch flat-screen displays.

The U4021QW UltraSharp 40 curved WUHD monitor is Dell’s first monitor, with a display resolution of 5120 x 2160 pixels, and “wide color coverage and excellent color performance.” It supports Thunderbolt 3 through the USB-C port and can provide up to 90W of power for fast charging.

In addition, Dell also introduced curved video conference monitors, which are available in three sizes: 24-inch, 27-inch and 34-inch.

Dell monitor

These displays meet the requirements of Microsoft Teams, and have a secure facial recognition login function and multiple hands-free functions.

These displays have a variety of features that make them stand out, such as a one-click dedicated Microsoft Teams button, a pop-up 5MP infrared camera, two 5W speakers, a noise-cancelling microphone, and support for Windows Hello facial recognition login. And hands-free commands via Microsoft Cortana.

Since Dell knows that you stare at the screen for too long every day, the company also stated that the monitor is equipped with its ComfortView Plus system, which reduces blue light emission without sacrificing color accuracy.

Dell’s UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD monitor will be on sale at the end of January 2021 at a price of US$2,100.

On the other hand, the Dell 24 video conference monitor is priced at $519.99, and the Dell 27 video conference monitor (C2722DE) is priced at $719.99. Finally, the Dell 34 curved video conference monitor (C3422WE) is priced at $1,149.99. All models will be available in mid-February 2021.