Popular Social Media platform Facebook, has announced an increment in their monthly active users. This is largely due to the covid 19 pandemic that has seen a lot people spent more time online.

In its recent reports, the company disclosed that the number of daily Facebook users has increased by 12% over the past year to 1.79 billion users.

Active monthly users for the month of June stood at 2.70 billion, which is a 12% increment over the past year. Facebook also disclosed usage numbers across its family of apps which includes Instagram and WhatsApp.

Across Facebook’s family of apps, the average daily active users stood at 2.47 billion, 15% increment compared to the previous year. The monthly active users , on the other hand stood at 3.14 billion, which is a 14% increment compared to the previous year.

Facebook says the impressive active users across its family of apps has been due to the covid 19 pandemic as people use online platforms to connect with friends and family due to the pandemic restrictions.

However Facebook disclosed that in developed markets with higher Facebook users, there are signs of normalization in active users and this is due to the gradual easing of the lock down in those places.

We expect the number of Facebook DAUs [Daily Active Users] and MAUs [Monthly Active Users] to be flat or slightly down in most regions in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the second quarter of 2020,” the company said.