Google’s files app, know as Files by Google previously Files Go, is now getting a new password-protected folder known as “Safe Folder.”

This new privacy feature will help in ensuring the safety of your important documents, images, videos and audio files even when you give out your phone.

According to Google the new added privacy feature in Files will help people especially those who share personal device with spouses, siblings, children or friends.

The PIN-protection functionality instantly locks the secret folder as soon as you move away from the app. Helping prevent unauthorized access to documents on the folder.

The company hopes the new feature helps every other person be sure of the security of their most important files.

Files by Google, launched in 2017, has hit another major achievement of 150 million monthly active users.

The app was launched by Google to help Android users manage their files effectively, free up space on their devices and lots more.

The new security feature is currently available for the beta version but is expected to roll out for everyone any time soon.