Google+ may be gone however it’s not forgotten. At least not by the courts. On June 10, Google consented to settle a legal claim over the “software bugs” that prompted somewhere in the range of 50 million users having their information leaked. The settlement is a generally little one, just $7.5 million, yet in case that you at any point set up a Google plus account, you might be qualified for a bit of it; $12 to be precise.

Former Google+ account holders have likely previously gotten an unpropitious email saying “You are not being sued,” yet if you ousted it to your spam folder, here are the details.

All cases should by put together and submitted by October 8 and according to regular, any cases relinquish all rights “to sue Google as well as some other delivered substances in regards to the legitimate cases for this situation.” If you’d prefer to hold these rights, you should quit the settlement.

Users are permitted to only submit one $12 claim regardless of the number of Google+ accounts they may have had. You can file a claim using this link.

The main necessities for filling a claim are that you had a Google+ account at one time between January 1, 2015, and April 2, 2019, and “entered private (which means non-open) data in any event one of (the) Google+ profile handle that was not set to be shared freely.” Finally, you should assent that you either imparted that data to another Google+ client or approved an outsider application to get to my Google+ profile field data.”