Google & Facebook


It seems that the problems between Big Tech and the US antitrust authorities continue to pile up. According to the latest report from The Wall Street Journal, the US federal and state antitrust authorities are preparing to file new lawsuits against two leading technology companies, Google and Facebook.

The report added that both companies are facing four other cases and are expected to start lawsuits before the end of January 2021. Just a few weeks after the Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

As for the new legal troubles facing these companies, officials of the agency are investigating Google and Facebook, accusing them of abusing their position in the industry to dominate search, advertising and social media.

If a lawsuit is to be filed, then this will be the first time Facebook has faced an antitrust lawsuit in the United States.

However, both companies denied doing so, adding that they operate in a highly competitive market and provide most of their services for free, thereby benefiting consumers.

The Four tech giants including Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook have come under fire for their business practices.

Earlier this year, the two companies faced deliberation by a congressional panel, and all four companies are still under review by antitrust officials.

Although Apple is investigating its use of the App Store for possible anti-competitive practices, Amazon is under investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to determine whether the company is unfairly using its advantages in e-commerce Conducted surveys of competitors and small traders.

The report shows that the FTC may file a lawsuit against Facebook this month, and the State Attorney General’s Union may file a lawsuit against the social media giant in the coming days. Whether these two cases are filed together remains to be seen.