Google Camera Go


Google Camera Go announced its debut on Nokia 1.3 in March 2020. A month later, the search giant was found to be developing HDR functionality for the application. Now, eight months later, this feature is finally available for users.

Android Go Edition is a simplified version of the regular Android operating system for entry-level smartphones. It is designed for devices with 2GB or lower RAM.

Most of these phones are sold in developing countries because they are aimed at people who buy smartphones for the first time.

Google introduces new features to this Android OS branch from time to time. Therefore, earlier this year, the company released an application called Camera Go. A few months after the official release of the app, it received its first major feature-night mode in October.

Now, two months later, the app has its second main feature-HDR. The Mountain View-based company confirmed this in a tweet sent from its official Android Twitter account.

In the announcement tweet, the company even mentioned that the final output of HDR pictures will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In any case, these images should be much better than regular photos.

Having said that, as we mentioned at the beginning, the Camera Go app is only available on smartphones running Android Go Edition.

Although the APK can be installed on any device running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher, the night mode and HDR functions will not be available.