Google chrome remote


The Chromecast with Google TV was released about six weeks ago and is priced at $49.99. The streaming media device has a new interface different from Android TV and is bundled with the voice remote control. Now, Google has a list of people who want to buy a replacement remote control on the Google Store.

Yes, it can be replaced. Because if the remote control that comes with the device can still be used, there is no reason for someone to buy an additional remote.

The Chromecast voice remote control with Google TV is priced at $19.99 and has the same three color options as the dongle. Google will also include an accompanying battery, which also matches the color of the remote control.

Voice Remote

Next to the list is the specification sheet, which reveals important features of the remote control that we didn’t know before. The spec sheet was first discovered by Android Police, which stated that the voice remote control has an accelerometer inside.

Surprisingly, Google has never announced that the remote control will have an acceleration sensor when the device is released.

The accelerometer can detect the location of the device in space, which is why a cell phone with a sensor can tell whether you are holding the device horizontally or vertically.

Some people speculate that if the sensor is in screen saver mode, it can know when to pick it up via the remote control, and it can even wake up the TV.

The remote control also has an infrared sensor, so you can use it to control the TV, soundbar or receiver. It connects via Bluetooth and weighs 63 grams. You can order from the US Google Store.