Popular online video communication platform Google Duo is set to launch call making on the web.

Recall that early march the platform increased the group call limit from eight to twelve to allow individuals more interactions with their loved ones during this covid 19 pandemic.

Now Google has announced that it will allow DUO users make calls on the web starting as a preview on Chrome.

The support for group calls on Chrome will roll-out in the coming weeks along with a new layout that will let you see more people at the same time. Besides, inviting people to join a group call will also become easier with an invite link.

Google stated this on their official blog for their products, they were quoted as follows;

In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to make group calls with Duo on the web, starting as a preview on Chrome, alongside a new layout that lets you see more people at the same time. To make getting together easier, you’ll also be able to invite anyone with a Google account to join a group call with just a link

Also Google announced additional family mode on the DUO that allows users doodle on video calls for everyone to see and also surprise them with fun effects and masks that transform you into astronauts, cats and more. To do this users just need to start a Video call tap on the menu icon and tap on Family

All these New features are available to users when they sign in to Google Duo using their Gmail accounts.

Source: Google Blog