Google is nearing the launch of it Nearby Share’ file sharing feature. Nearby Share levels the file sharing play field that has long been dominated by Apple with the simplicity and convenience of Airdrop.

Near by Share permits you to share anything from documents, pictures, connections and more to a close by gadget as long as it’s running Android 6.0 and up.

The amazing thing about this new feature, compared to previous attempts, is the convenience and simplicity.

It is very easy and convenient to use, simply tap on the Nearby Share button from the share menu and wait for it to find a nearby device.

Then tap on the device and the file will be shared. (The owner of the other device has to “accept” the incoming file first, of course).

Google says you can even send or receive documents anonymously. Also, Nearby Share will utilize whatever sharing technique your phone uses quicker whether it’s Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or distributed Wi-Fi.

Google’s Nearby Sharing

Nearby Share isn’t new. It’s been available on a couple of devicesfor some time now. Including some of Google’s own Pixel devices, and some Samsung phones.

What Google is doing now is rolling out feature widely for other phones to access it. The feature is expected to be accessible widely in a couple of weeks from now according to Google.

Accessbility of Nearby Share is largely dependent on your Android model. But there’s no need to panic, as the feature can be rolled out via Google Play Services on any device according to Google.


This Google’s new file sharing feature only supports file sharing between Android phones running at least Android 6.0. Chromebook users should expect support for Nearby Share “in the coming months.”

As at the time of this report there’s no support, for iOS devices, Macs, or Windows devices and even Chromebook. However Google confirmed to the verge that they plan to expand the feature to other devices other than Android.

One unique thing about this new feature is that it works like Apple’s Airdrop.