Google has been working tirelessly this year to add more features to Gmail as it tries to provide a one-stop solution for family members. The right panel has not changed much, but Google plans to add a feature. In addition to the existing calendar, notes and task shortcuts, Google will also add contacts.

Now, the side panel will include your notes, tasks or notes, and contacts.

The new contact part on the right panel is an extension of Gmail’s current floating card function, allowing you to hover over someone’s name in Gmail to view contact details.

The only change is that the new function now has a dedicated section.

The side panel provides more information for users of Google Workspace formerly known as G Suite. On the side panel, Google Workspace users will be able to view;

  • Contact information, including phone number and email address,
  • Team and manager,
  • Office and desk location,
  • And if they’ve received an email from contact before.
Gmail New Feature

Google has begun to roll out this feature, and is expected to spread to everyone over time. Anyone with a Google account can use this feature. The administrator cannot control this feature, nor can the end user.