Chinese giant Huawei officially  announced about a month ago that it was selling its sub-brand Honor to Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd. The business has experienced a  great deal of systemic change since  then and now Honor is set to launch  its first product.

Zhao Ming, the current Honor band’s CEO, shared a letter with Weibo,  signed by the Honor Management  Team. He announced that, after  becoming independent from Huawei, the company would soon launch its  first product.

He has not, however, disclosed  anything about what the product is  and what the launch timetable is.  There have been rumors suggesting  that sometime in early 2021, the  company will introduce the Honor V40-series smartphones.

Returning to the letter posted on  Weibo, written to celebrate the Honor band’s seven-year anniversary, Zhao Ming thanked the customers, distributors, retail partners, suppliers and manufacturers of the company.

It has also been announced that the company will hold an annual fan meeting next month to discuss the Honor brand’s future. We expect the firm to make an announcement at that event about upcoming products.

Zhao Ming said the goal of the company is to become China’s leading smartphone brand, surpassing its former parent company and Huawei, the current market leader. For the coming year he has also set an ambitious sales target of 100 million units.

The organization has already begun working towards that purpose. It is currently in the process of getting its supply chain in order and the presence of the Honor brand in the offline space is also being extended.

In cities such as Chengdu, Lanzhou, Wuhan, and Xiamen, it has already opened stores and plans to continue launching new stores.