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Twitter announced its closure of Periscope, and its dedicated real-time video streaming service and application will be withdrawn from the app store in March.

According to the company, Periscope has been in “unsustainable maintenance mode” for some time. When Periscope closed, Twitter adopted some of the best features of Periscope on the platform. One of them, and the most important point, is real-time streaming.


Now, any Twitter user can go online on the platform. Here is how:

  • Tap the Tweet button to open the composer
  • In the composer, tap the camera icon.
  • Select Live from the bottom composer
  • You can add a description that will appear as a tweet at the top and location if you wish.
  • If you wish to have guests on your broadcast, tap the Faces button adjacent to the Go Live button (an Invite guests option will appear). Invite a guest by tapping the Invite guests option above the Go Live button and select from the recommendations or search manually for people you wish to join the broadcast. Invites will be sent via Twitter DMs.
  • With Guests turned on, any viewer can request to join the broadcast as well.
  • Finally, tap Go Live.


  • Broadcasters can add up to three guests at a time. If the list of invited guest speakers is large, the visitors can be scattered throughout the conversation, which is a multiple of three.
  • Tapping the X in the upper right corner of the visitor’s avatar will remove it from the broadcast.
  • Finally, stopping Twitter live video is effortless-click the “Stop” button, and then confirm on the pop-up menu that you want to end the broadcast.
  • The Twitter web version does not currently support the creation of live videos-you must use the Android or iOS mobile app.
  • Twitter’s FAQ indicates that you can use audio only, but you don’t see this option in the Android version of the app.
  • However, there should be a microphone in the upper right corner, allowing you to create pure audio broadcasts.