If you are using windows 10, one of it features is the mandatory update of System. But usually it not advisable to update systems after it immediate release, one ought to wait to make sure the new system has no bugs.

In this article today I highlighted the simple steps you can follow to postponed your system update on the windows 10 platform.

Follow the simple steps below to postponed your system update on windows 10.

  • Click the Start button.
  • Click on the cog to open up Settings.
  • Open Update and Security.
  • You should be on the Windows Update page.
  • If you have any updates pending, you’ll find them listed on top. Otherwise, you’ll be told you’re up to date. Scroll down to see a button that says “Pause updates for 7 days.” Click on that to stop your device from updating for a week.
  • The Windows Update page will now tell you that your updates have been paused.

NOTE: You can postponed your system update on windows 10 for only 7 days after which you can still increase for another seven days, how ever you can only postponed for a cumulation Of five weeks.