It is a pain to transfer the entire data including thousands of images, contacts and other important files to the new smartphone. For Android to Android transfer, this process is a bit easy, but once the user initiates cross-platform data conversion, the process becomes difficult.

However, there are tools and utilities that can simplify the entire process. PhoneTrans is such a tool, you can easily and easily transfer data with just a few clicks. It has a friendly user interface, one-click transmission and supports multiple formats.

Smart phones have become an important part of today’s lifestyle. Every store stores important data in files, photos, contacts and other formats, which are all stored inside the phone. It is the lifeline of many users.

Therefore, if we buy a new mobile phone, it is equally important to transfer data securely. PhoneTrans will help users with no technical background migrate data to new devices.

It supports more than 20,000 devices and more than 32 data types. PhoneTrans also has some other features that can provide users with convenience in just a few clicks.


Direct Phone-To-Phone Transfer Support: This is an effective migration tool that enables users to transfer data from iOS-iOS, Android-Android, iOS-Android, and vice versa.

Support Different Types Of Data: The software allows users to transfer data according to different data types. It simplifies the selective transfer of photos, music, documents and other supported formats.

Cross-Platform Data Transfer: The software allows data transfer between Android and iOS, and vice versa. It reduces the unnecessary work of migrating to a new smartphone.

Compatibility: PhoneTrans can be used on macOS, Windows and other excellent operating systems. At the same time, the software itself supports data transfer between Android and iOS smart phone devices.

Consolidating Content – The software provides support for consolidating content from different devices to a single system device.

One-key Data Transmission: Smart phones can provide one-key data transmission between different devices. It supports more than 20,000 devices and more than 32 data types.


Support Multiple Modes: PhoneTrans provides three main modes-fast transfer, phone clone and phone merge to simplify the user’s process. Each option provides a different way of backing up and transferring data.

Phone To Phone

Fast Transfer– This is a simple but most used mode that allows users to transfer data quickly between different phones and tablets. Users can even choose a single file or a single data type to transfer between Android to Android or iOS to Android, and vice versa. This mode supports 12 types of iOS data and 11 types of Android data.

Phone Clone – As the name suggests, it will create a copy of data from one device to another smartphone device. However, running this mode on the same system means iOS to iOS and Android to Android. It supports 24 iOS data types and 11 Android data types.

Phone Merge – It allows users to merge data from different devices into a single same system device. It also applies to Android to Android and iOS to iOS.

Phone Restore: This is a one-stop solution that can migrate all data from various sources to the device. PhoneTrans supports restoring from Google account data, iCloud data, iTunes library, iTunes backup and PhoneTrans backup. Among them, PhoneTrans Backup is efficient and compatible with most data types.

Phone Restore

Phone Backup: Phone backup provides two options-Slectve Backup and Full Backup. Selective backup will back up certain types of data, while the “full backup” option is only available for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Phone Backup

Application Transfer: This software enables users to transfer data from popular instant messaging applications (such as Line, Viber, WhatsApp and applications that have been installed on your iPhone/iPad device).

App Transfer
  • Download PhoneTrans from the official website.
  • Install the software on your PC or macOS.
  • Open the software, and choose from available options – Phone to Phone transfer, Phone Restore, Phone Backup ad App Transfer.
  • In Phone to Phone transfer users will get options to Phone Clone, Quick Transfer, and Phone Merge.
  • After selecting, attach using USB cable and tap on the respective buttons to start the backup or restore.
  • Similarly, in other options, you can choose as per need and press the respective button.

For a comprehensive guidelines on how to transfer data using PhoneTrans Click Here .

You can download PhoneTrans to save time and effort when changing your smartphone. It can also help users easily back up their devices. You can learn more about the software by visiting the PhoneTrans website.