Self Driving Cars


Although the concepts of self-driving cars and self-driving cars are easy to understand, smart roads are much more complicated. The former refers to cars that can move and drive without human intervention, while the latter shows support for the interconnection technology of these driverless cars. This is the technology that Huawei is currently working on.

In Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China, the company is developing smart roads.

The Chinese tech giant is testing the infrastructure behind this concept on a four-kilometer road, driving driverless buses back and forth on the road, navigating obstacles, accelerating and decelerating, stopping and other received from smart cars Information about the road system around the activities carried out.

Simply put, sensors, cameras, radars, etc. embedded in roads, traffic lights, street signs and other areas will help the vehicle navigate by relaying key information.

In other words, smart roads and autonomous driving communicates. According to a Bloomberg report, the site was developed and operated by Huawei and its partners and was part of China’s first national project for smart and connected cars.

The Smart Road Project is part of China’s efforts to improve road safety and traffic flow. At the same time, this also provides opportunities for local companies like Huawei to benefit from supporting infrastructure for the government.

Jiang Wangcheng, President of Huawei’s Information and Communication Technology Business, said: “Autonomous driving is an unstoppable trend, but no isolated vehicle can do this. The only solution is to get more information from the road.

Embedded in roads, street signs, and traffic. Signal lights, sensors at bus stations, cameras, radars.” Self-driving cars are called X-Bus and are linked to a transportation control network through which a two-way communication form is established to determine every measure to be taken on smart roads.

This also means that Huawei no longer manufactures smart cars, but prefers to provide communication equipment and software for automotive smart solutions.