Chinese technology giant Huawei yesterday announced the implementation of its new health laboratory in Xi’an, China.

The company disclosed in a press release that the health laboratory is an innovation facility that provides Huawei researchers, engineers and developers with a way to exchange ideas and concepts and jointly explore the innovation and application of emerging technologies.

Exercise and health, through their smart wearable devices to bring scientific and beneficial experience, these wearable devices are small accessories that can provide consumers with a more comprehensive and scientific exercise experience and a healthier life

Today, Huawei’s smart wearable devices are as popular as many other brand products. In response to consumer trust and loyalty, Huawei has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and enhancement of research and development capabilities to gain a foothold in the budding healthy environment technology market .

Huawei launched seven smart wearable devices this year. These products include smart watches such as Watch GT 2, Watch GT 2 Pro and Watch FIT, which have won industry acclaim for their extensive professional fitness and health tracking functions.

In fact, a market research report from IDC shows that Huawei’s wrist wearable devices ranked first in the second quarter of 2020.

In order to maintain the company’s ideal of maintaining a good momentum of development, its R&D staff spent 9 months integrating existing R&D resources and introducing new professional sports and health research equipment to consumers.

The conceptualization and construction of Huawei Health Lab aims to further enhance its research capabilities in smart watches and other wearable devices.

Dozens of researchers, developers and testers will work closely together in the Huawei Health Laboratory to achieve the goal of an active and healthy lifestyle with a wide range of professional equipment and innovative research methods.

Smart wearable devices have undergone rigorous research and testing to provide an excellent user experience. Huawei Health Lab has developed a complex R&D process internally to improve health and health.

According to the press release, Huawei stated that their devices are the culmination of comprehensive testing and simulation solutions designed to provide consumers with the best experience when using any Huawei smart wearable device.

Therefore, Huawei Health Lab provides a perfect setting that can accurately capture health data and simulate all possible consumer experiences, thereby providing value-for-money equipment as health fitness equipment.

With a series of latest research equipment on sports and health, coupled with the creativity and wit of researchers and developers from different professional backgrounds, the health laboratory is a hotbed for more innovative smart wearable devices from Stable.

Rico Zhang, president of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group (BG) smart wearable and health product line, said this.

The experts working in the laboratory span many fields of sports and human health science, and they are creating new research directions and methods for sports fitness and health.

The health laboratory has an experimental smart wearable product testing area and a sports health innovation area.

Before wearable devices are put on the market, they will be tested extensively and rigorously for a long time.

Product test engineers use more than 20 professional research equipment and rely on national and international standards for product hardware and software to simulate the extreme conditions of these equipment to determine their durability under extreme conditions.

Huawei stated that it will continue to expand investment in sports and health, and plans to establish another sports health laboratory in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, and establish contacts with Huawei’s scientific research institutions to establish an innovative health ecosystem and provide consumers with cutting-edge health And health services. Easy to use fitness products.

With the rapid expansion of Huawei’s sports research and development facilities and the trend of the brand’s growing wearable devices to meet the needs of different consumers, the prospects for Huawei’s smart wearable and health product line are certainly bright.