Huawei Air Purifier


Xiaomi’s MIJIA air purifier should rank among the most popular brands on the market. As of December 2019, Xiaomi celebrated selling 10 million units within 5 years. This number must have risen, especially since air purifier sales are currently being driven by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Huawei has released a new air purifier called “Huawei Smart Selection 720 Full-Efficiency Air Purifier 1i”, hoping to seize a place in the air purifier market.

The gadget uses a design similar to Mijia Air Purifier Pro. It uses a compact body design with a length of 24 cm and a height of 47.3 cm. Its area is smaller than A4 paper, so it is suitable for small apartments, rental rooms, baby rooms, etc.

The equipment adopts a three-side air inlet design, and the CADR value is as high as 350m3/h. The air purifier can cover an available area of 42 square meters.

Huawei Smart Selection 720 high-efficiency air purifier 1i is equipped with H13 high-efficiency filter elements, which can filter the main pollutants in the household layer by layer.

Huawei Air Purifier

H13 is an advanced HEPA filter layer, which can filter 99.95% of particles with a particle size of 0.3μm or larger. It is mainly used for PM2.5, pollen allergens and dust.

At the same time, the air purifier is also equipped with a high-precision laser particle sensor that can detect tiny particles and feedback changes in indoor air quality in real time.

After turning on the automatic mode, the purifier will automatically adjust accordingly to obtain a more effective purification effect.

It is equipped with a circular filter, which can be changed according to the PM2.5 concentration. The green, yellow and red air quality indicators will automatically change colors to provide intuitive feedback on indoor air quality.

Huawei Air Purifier

It also supports intelligent automatic startup and shutdown, automatically starts when PM2.5 exceeds the standard, and then automatically shuts down when PM2.5 reaches the standard.

In sleep mode, the noise level of Huawei Smart Selection 720 full-effect air purifier 1i is as low as 31db, and there is almost no sound. At the same time, in sleep mode, the screen and button indicators will be turned off, so as not to disturb the sleeping family members.

The device also supports Huawei’s HiLink smart assistant application, so it can also be controlled via a smart phone.

The price of the Huawei Smart Selection 720 full-effect air purifier 1i is 699 yuan (~$106) and is currently available at Vmall.