Huawei is clearly calling on the Australian government to launch plans for the next generation of telecommunications. The company seeks to cooperate with the government for 6G networking.

According to a report by SMH, the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer wants the government to discuss with the company how to launch the next generation of mobile network technology ie 6G.

This time, it aims to work closely with the government to avoid the ban on the country’s 5G network. In other words, this is another attempt to reverse its initial ban on the launch of 5G plans in Australia, and aims to cooperate with the government in the development of 6G networks.

According to Jeremy Mitchell, Huawei Australia’s director of corporate affairs, it’s still not too late” for the company to provide the country’s 5G infrastructure with telecommunications equipment, but he also believes this possibility is Very small”.

The official added that “The conversation we now want to have with the Australian government is what do we do when 6G or 7G comes, because like it or not Huawei or another Chinese company will be the leader in this area,” and that “We would like to work with the government to ensure Australia has access to the best technology but do so in a way which gives security agencies confidence in terms of risk mitigation.”

Mitchel believes that “6G is only the beginning of research and development, but now we must understand the direction of development of the technology.” For those who don’t know, Huawei is facing a ban from the Australian government because it is a “high-risk supplier”. Participation in the ban on 5G rollout may be affected by foreign governments and their interests, which may conflict with Australian law.

Therefore, the Chinese company’s move may be seen as an attempt to lift the ban. Mitchell even cited Ericsson’s lobbying of the Swedish government as an example to oppose a similar Huawei 5G ban.