Huawei PC


Huawei is clearly developing a brand new desktop computer. The news came out because a loophole in the Qicha application revealed the details of the system’s patent, which was granted to the company on December 25, 2020.

The Chinese technology giant has applied for four different patents. In other words, according to the MyDrivers report, the company has obtained patents for the upcoming four different variants on a desktop PC.

From a patent point of view, the new PC is basically designed with productivity in mind. The focus is on video conferencing utilities and other less intensive office work. This situation has become more and more in the professional field due to the coronavirus pandemic. The more common.

On a desktop computer, the main aspect of all these differences is the foundation. These changes are different between each PC. One PC uses a 45-degree angle base, one uses a stand design, and even uses a simple upright stand and base.

Huawei Desktops Design

Similarly, another variation between patents is the heat dissipation hole, which can be found on the back or side of the PC. It is worth noting that each variant is offered in an ultra-thin form factor.

Currently, these are only patents, and we cannot confirm whether the company is actually developing this product.

The company just recently launched the Huawei MateStation B515 desktop for enterprises, so if it plans to launch a similar work-oriented workstation, it shouldn’t be surprising, as it also plans to expand its market share in the desktop market.

So stay tuned for more, because we will provide more updates when more information becomes available.