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Apple has been working on several new technologies, but what has attracted attention in the past few weeks is the rumored Apple car. This technology is called Project Titan and has made significant progress.

There have been reports recently that the company may plan to launch its own Apple Car in 2024, but shortly thereafter, there are reports that electric cars will not be released until at least 2028.

Now, in the latest development, Hyundai has confirmed that the company is negotiating with Apple. The company confirmed this, he said: “We understand that Apple is in discussions with various global automakers, including Hyundai Motors.

Since the discussions are still in the early stages, they have not yet been decided.” Before being confirmed by Hyundai Motor, the Korean publication “Han Jing” reported that the automaker would help Apple produce electric cars and develop special batteries for upcoming cars.

In addition, the development of auto parts will be carried out at Hyundai Motor’s plant in the United States.

As we previously reported, Apple may work with automakers to produce so-called Apple cars because the Cupertino-based giant lacks the resources needed for car production.

Although Apple’s self-driving cars still have a long way to go, it’s nice to know that the project is underway.

Ezegbunam Chinonso Benjamin is a tech enthusiasts with Love for Smartphones, Laptops, Computers, Cars etc. He is currently an under graduate of University Of Jos.

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