LG Display


LG Display has been engaged in research on transparent OLED panels for some time, and its goal is to make the technology more feasible for consumers.

Now, the company has launched a possible application of a transparent display with the “smart bed” concept, which will use a 55-inch transparent screen that can be used as a TV and can become invisible when not in use.

At the South Korean technology giant’s CES 2021 exhibition, it introduced the “smart bed” concept. “The concept is to place a transparent OLED display on the foot of the bed, or even other locations in the home.

Just press a button to make the transparent panel rise from the base, thus achieving seamless entertainment. This invisible The TV can also use Cinematic Soun to output audio without a separate external speaker.

In addition, LG also introduced other possible applications of 55-inch panels using transparent OLED screens used in restaurants as an example.

This will allow customers to see the meals prepared by the chef. Similarly, subway trains can also display these screens, providing real-time information based on AndroidAuthority reports, such as route maps and locations, and external views.

According to the company, the transparency of its 55-inch transparent OLED panel is 40% higher, while the transparency of the LCD screen is only 10%.

It also hopes that this transparent display will replace windows in smart homes and even smart-driving cars at some point in the future.

LG said that it is not sure when transparent displays will enter the consumer market or store shelves, but the demand from different industries is “increasing.”