LG Display


LG Display recently announced that it will showcase its transparent OLED panel at the upcoming CES 2021. These new displays are new varieties of OLED panels, and the company also demonstrated its applications in various commercial fields.

According to the display manufacturer, the transparency of the new OLED panel is 40%. According to TheElec report, this is much higher than the 10% transparency rate seen on LCD (liquid crystal display) panels. The South Korean technology giant said it will showcase new display technologies in three exhibition areas to reveal the meaning of these panels in different situations.

These include smart home products that can be used in the windows of subway trains and even in restaurants. The company has previously shown interest in its wide range of applications, especially in the transportation and automotive industries.

In the smart home area, you can see a transparent OLED display combined with the bed, and will display useful information to the user, such as weather updates or TV shows and movie entertainment.

The frame is located in the frame of the bed itself, or it can be separated from the bed and placed anywhere else in the house. In metropolitan areas, LG Display’s transparent OLED panels have replaced traditional glass panels on trains.

These panels will then be able to display information to the user, such as upcoming stops or the duration of the journey, while also providing a view of the outside world.

The third and final area is the restaurant area. In this area, the transparent panel is used as a mailbox between the customer and the chef, so that people can view the menu while the chef prepares the food. LG Display said that these online exhibitions will be open to everyone.