LG Display


South Korean technology giant LG Display continues to improve its display technology, which is one of its main strongholds. The company held an event yesterday at the virtual CES 2021, announcing many products and new display technologies.

This display manufacturer has also completed the packaging of the 42-inch, smallest OLED smart TV and 83-inch new panel size, which may be a feature in the Bravia series recently released by Sony.

The announcement triggered the possibility of getting OLED TVs (such as 42, 48, 55, 65, 77, 83, and 88 inches) this year.

The display manufacturer also hinted that it will deliver a “next generation” 77-inch panel, which is said to be about 20% more efficient and therefore brighter than before, which is the relative disadvantage of OLED TVs so far.

LG Display is a component manufacturer and will not release consumer products on its own, so it is not clear who will actually sell 42-inch TVs this year.

The larger LG Electronics has not fully disclosed its 2021 series of OLED TVs, but according to a joint report from a Korean website, the company will use the “OLED evo” brand for its 2021 “G1” series of new panels.

LG Display also announced several eye-catching products at CES 2021, such as the “Smart Bed” concept, whose transparent OLED panel can be lifted from the feet, and a 48-inch flexible panel that can turn a flat-screen TV into a curved surface Game monitor. The company also mocked the upcoming rollable smartphone called LG Rollable.