LG Rollable Phone


With the arrival of the 5G year in 2020, 5G mobile phones have expanded from flagship models to the affordable mid-range market, which has lived up to expectations. In addition, most processors released by major chip makers this year have integrated 5G modems.

However, foldable phones have not experienced the same degree of proliferation, mainly because it is still an expensive business and its durability is still poor.

However, OEMs seem to be developing in another foldable form factor-roll-up displays.

Recently, OPPO unveiled X 2021, which is the company’s first or even the world’s first concept phone with a rollable display. The company even released a demo video of the device in use, which looks great.

It was later discovered that the display was made by the Chinese display manufacturer BOE, and it was tested to withstand 100,000 severe curls.

It looks like we will see more rollable display-packed phones in 2021, although we cannot be sure whether they will surpass concept phones.

According to reports, LG foldable phones have been listed in the Korean operator’s intranet database. According to Twitter leaker @Cozyplanes, the device is currently registered in the Korean operator’s internal database. The model of the device is LM-RN910N, and the unlocked model has the model OMD-LM-R910N.

Previously, there were rumors that the specifications of LG’s rollable phone include a 7.4-inch expandable screen with a resolution of 2428×1080 pixels (20:9), a video mode of 2428×1366 pixels (16:9), and a productivity mode of 2428× 1600 pixels (3:2).

In addition, it is rumored that LG Rollable can pack a 4200mAh battery and is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 processor and 16GB RAM. Therefore, don’t expect it to become a cheap cell phone.

Twitter’s @Cozyplanes also revealed details about how the device works. The device will expand on both sides, increasing the screen size by as much as 100%. However, the top frame will not expand with the device. According to reports, LG will add a flexible frame that can be expanded to cover the exposed edges of the screen and then retracted when the phone is closed.

The phone will also have a locking device to prevent accidental unfolding and prevent the screen from scrolling too fast, which may cause the screen to wrinkle.

LG is not the only company developing mobile phones with scrollable displays. Samsung and TCL have joined OPPO, and these OEMs have applied for patents for smartphones with scrolling display capabilities. Therefore, of course we will soon see some designs from others.