Microsoft’s cloud gaming service xCloud is bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The price is 15 US dollars, no matter where they are, users can play from the game library on their Android phones or tablets. The service is similar to Google’s Stadia.

The xCloud game streaming service is limited to Android devices, but Microsoft has announced that it will enter iOS and PC next spring.

An official statement  issued by the technology giant stated that they plan to bring the service to more users next year. By expanding to PC and iOS devices, they can add up to one billion devices to the service.

iOS users will be able to access the service through their mobile browser instead of the app, without thanking Apple’s App Store restrictions.

Apple wants Microsoft and other game streaming services to list each individual game as an application that users must download before it can be streamed, rather than an application that acts as a directory for you to stream.

Think of it as an application that must download your favorite show or movie before you can stream it. Therefore, 10 shows or movies means 10 applications. Ridiculous?

To avoid this situation, Microsoft will allow iOS users to access the service through a web browser, just as other game streaming services such as Stadia and GeForce Now provide services on iOS.

For PC, xCloud game service will be provided through Xbox app and browser. This means that you can jump into Xbox games at work or hang out with friends, as long as you have a PC and a good internet connection.

Game streaming eliminates the need for users to purchase expensive game consoles. Users can play games almost anywhere, and game consoles can actually tie you to one place-your home.

Microsoft said it will also expand its services to new markets. The countries that will receive services are Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico. Therefore, if you live in any of these countries, you should be able to enjoy this service soon.

The person in charge of Xbox mentioned a few weeks ago that there are plans to introduce Xbox games to smart TVs, but the press did not comment on this.

However, there are some guides on the Internet that can tell you how to side-load an Android application onto an Android TV. Please note that it may not work as expected, not only because the streaming service is not designed for TV, but it is currently limited to 720p resolution.