US based tech giants Microsoft earlier this week confirmed that it is negotiating the acquisition of TikTok’s operations in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Now insiders report that the software giant is looking to expand the telescopic and include Europe and India in the deal, perhaps plane ownership TikTok’s global operations.

The Financial Times writes that Microsoft and ByteDance (which owns TikTok) were in negotiations to add India to the deal, but that reportedly fell through. A source told Reuters that Microsoft is yet to notify ByteDance with the offer to fully reap the social network.

The US company stated that negotiations will end by September 15 whether there’s a deal or not. President Trump reinforced that deadline by saying that he will sign an executive order to ban TikTok’s US arm unless an American company (Microsoft or another) takes over by September 15.

The President is now moreover threatening a ban on WeChat unless a similar deal with a US company is reached. The ban would require US companies such as Apple and Google to remove the WeChat from their app stores, even in China.