Since the beginning of the pandemic, working from home has been the ideal choice for most working-class families around the world. This means that the demand for laptops and computers has soared.

To meet these needs, all major brands have been committed to developing a product that can meet the needs of all consumers. Chuwi is one of them, and recently launched Chuwi LarkBook, which is an ultra-light audiobook suitable for the needs of students and office workers. It is designed to meet all the needs of mobility, office, work and entertainment.


Chuwi LarkBook has a 13.3-inch fully laminated IPS screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. This machine has clear image and text quality, which can provide a comfortable viewing experience when working or watching movies.

It has 4 built-in high-quality speakers and supports DTS stereo, which can help users get an immersive experience when watching HD videos.


Chuwi LarkBook equips Intel N4120 processor with quad-core, four-thread and 2.4GHz acceleration frequency, which can provide excellent performance. It has 8GB RAM and 256GB memory to ensure seamless operation.


With the built-in UHD 600 graphics card, the device can effectively decode 4K HD video. Compared with the previous generation N3350, the N4120 is more powerful. Its single-core processor has increased by 45%, while the multi-core processor has increased by 90%.

All in all, its overall performance has been significantly improved and it provides smooth operation.

In terms of battery, LarkBook has a 6W low-power design that can provide long-lasting battery life. In addition, it has a fanless cooling design, which always provides stable operation and quiet sound to help users focus on efficient content.


Chuwi LarkBook has an all-metal body, made of lightweight aluminum and magnesium alloy, with full texture. It also helps reduce the weight to 1 kg, which is lighter than most 13.3-inch laptops on the market. Its thickness of 11.9 mm makes it easy to store the bag and easy to carry.


Chuwi LarkBook has many functions and can meet all the basic needs of consumers. It is a device worthy of attention.

Its lightweight form factor enhances portability, while a powerful processor promotes smooth work. LarkBook will be released soon; to learn more about this device, interested users can visit Chuwi’s official website.