OnePlus is known for manufacturing smartphones, which started with “flagship killer” devices, and then gradually began to offer premium phones. However, in the recent past, the company has expanded its product range to include accessories and other products.

Now, the company announced a new product-OnePlus Urban Traveler backpack. It will provide two color options-black, and a combination of black and white.

The backpack is scheduled to go on sale on January 8, but the company will distribute some of the backpacks in advance during the user festival.

It has a capacity of 20 liters and has 9 pockets. The main compartment has a partition and a zippered back cover. There are two pairs of elastic bands that can hold a kettle.

On the back, there is a separate compartment for laptops, which the company says can accommodate a device with a 16-inch display.

OnePlus Backpack

There is a diagonal line on the front to open a smaller storage area. Interestingly, there is a secret compartment at the bottom. For those who travel frequently, the backpack is equipped with a luggage bar strap.

The shoulder strap on the OnePlus Urban Traveler backpack has a plastic ring that can be used to fix items such as sunglasses or key rings. The company said that the zipper and lining are waterproof, and the white has been treated to prevent stains.