Oppo has announced the released of what could be the fastest smart phone charging technology. Fast charging is one of the new standard highlights in the smart phone industry. In the ongoing past, organizations have found a way to expand the pace of charging our cell phones significantly.

As of now, OPPO holds the mantle with the quickest charging block available at 65W. Yet, that is as yet insufficient, as indicated by the organization. OPPO is nearly multiplying that with an up and coming 125W charging block… 125W!

That is quicker than Xiaomi’s 100W quick charging tech prodded a year ago. For setting, Xiaomi said the 100W quick charging block takes a battery from 0-100% in 17 mins.

A push for faster charging speeds has been obstructed by specialized challenges surrendering the innovation. Before, Xiaomi has conceded that deficiencies of quick charging innovation have made it hard for them to dispatch the eagerly awaited 100W charger prodded a year ago. As indicated by Xiaomi’s VP, Lu Weibing, battery corruption has been an issue.

“As per fundamental gauges, the limit of a 100W quick charge battery is about 20% not as much as that of a 30W PD quick charge. To put it plainly, 5,000mAh gets 4,000mAh,” composed Lu in a Weibo post, as transalted by Google Transalate.

In that line, how about we sit back and watch what OPPO has done to accomplish such speeds and when we ought to hope to see their cell phones squeezed at that pace. The organization will give more subtleties on a similar this coming Wednesday, on July 15