If you want a foldable phone that folds vertically, there are only two options-Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series or Motorola’s Razr series. We have seen patented phones from other manufacturers with similar designs, but in addition to the above two brands, you can buy them immediately. Now, OPPO’s patents have surfaced, showing Chinese manufacturers’ views on vertical folding phones.

The patent has been applied to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and was approved and published on September 3. According to the documents, the foldable phone uses a rotating hinge with gears to fix the phone at up to four different angles.


LetsGoDigital’s renderings based on patented images show that OPPO’s foldable phone does not have a protective sleeve display. This means that when you close your phone, you must unfold it first to see who is calling or what notification just received.

This is a significant difference from other foldable phones with smaller displays on the market. On the other hand, the main display is more traditional because it has a centered punch.

The rendered image shows an OPPO device with three rear cameras, even though the patent image does not show the number of cameras it has.


However, OPPO will not avoid installing cameras on its phones, so it is unlikely that its first foldable phone will have only one rear camera.

These cameras have more cameras than the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr, which have two and one rear camera respectively. The arrangement of sensors also reminds us of the Galaxy S10 Plus.

The patent does not mean that the phone will be launched soon, because we have not heard of OPPO’s plan to launch a foldable smartphone next year. Nevertheless, it is time for a Chinese brand to enter the vertical folding smartphone category.