Various Chinese smartphone brands have achieved great success in India. Southeast Asian countries have always been a big market for these companies. Now, a Vivo official said that the company regards India as an important market and plans to open more than 100 specialty stores in the region within a year.

Nipun Marya, director of brand strategy for Vivo India, recently accepted an interview with BusinessInsider about the year, the company’s future plans and the growth strategy for 2021.

The senior official said that 2020 is a “difficult year”, but they “saw a pretty good recovery in sales in the industry. And we saw good growth, which was about 25% higher during the holiday season than last year. “However, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer still expects “single-digit growth this year.”

Marya further added that Vivo plans to expand its offline business in the region by opening various exclusive and even experience stores. He said: “Currently we have about 450 stores. We plan to open more than 100 specialty stores in the next year.” This move is very important for the company because most of its sales come from offline channels.

In addition, Vivo executives also said: “Non-metal [cities] lead the growth, and the same is true for Vivo. In absolute terms, metropolitan areas are still the largest market, but in terms of percentage growth, it must come from non-urban areas.

This is still the case for us.” In other words, although major cities are still the country’s largest markets, smaller towns show higher growth potential.

He further added: “We will manufacture all mobile phones here, but after the establishment of the center, we will also design mobile phones in India.

For the brand, this is an extremely important market, and our emphasis on the market can vary from So far we can see it well in the types of investments we have made here.”