Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO has been trying to diversify its product portfolio by entering new categories. After entering the field of wearable devices, the company is now looking to launch tablets and laptops.

According to the latest report, OPPO is preparing to launch its two new products: Tablet PCs and Laptops. Both devices are expected to be officially launched next year, but the specific timetable is not yet clear.

Given that a few brands have launched Android tablets, OPPO’s entry into the tablet market is very interesting.

Although companies like Lenovo focus on budgeting, only brands like Samsung and Huawei have high-end equipment.

Xiaomi once had a tablet, but it hasn’t been updated in the past few years. Currently, the tablet PC market is dominated by Apple’s iPad series, and the company offers a variety of products in this area. Interestingly, OPPO decided what measures to take and what is the company’s target price range for its tablets.

As for laptops, the company will compete with companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi that have expanded their products from smartphones to laptops.

However, there is no information about OPPO’s upcoming laptops, but we hope to learn more about it in the coming weeks or months.