Smartphone manufacturers continue to push boundaries through technological innovation. Every year, we see a new function or standard becoming a specification, or a new product developed based on a basic design. Now, Oppo has launched the Oppo X 2021 Rollable Concept smartphone, which has an expandable display, which is the first of its kind.

The Oppo X 2021 equipped with a unique expansion screen, the research and development work of this Chinese technology giant will be fully demonstrated at the 2020 Inno Day event.


Its display expanded from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches, which was achieved through the company’s rollable concept technology. This makes the display sturdy and durable without the need for “hard folding”, thereby eliminating the “headache” of the crease formed in the middle of the display, which is common in foldable phones.


The screen is an OLED panel, which extends through its proprietary 6.8mm Roll Motor. It is worth noting that the company has applied for 122 patents for this project, 12 of which are only used on rolling mechanisms.

Oppo emphasizes the durability and support structure behind its rollable display. The company makes a special 2-in-1 board that can be used as a support when the display is retracted or extended.

This is achieved by making the support panel consist of two parts, one of which slides out with the display to maintain a rigid structure and obtain a flat surface.

Oppo Rollable Device

Henry Tang, Oppo’s 5G chief scientist, said: “Compared with foldable technology, rollable displays are much more adaptable because they can be adjusted between the minimum and maximum sizes for different use case scenarios.”

In addition, the company has added a custom laminate to the screen to provide additional protection.

The warp track is a 0.1mm laminate, which can firmly protect the screen. Oppo intends to let the device enhance the conventional functions provided by smartphones.

In other words, the extra space will provide a wider field of vision during the game, the extra space can be used to read e-books, and even provide a separate interface to take full advantage of the extended display.

Unfortunately, the more detailed information and specifications of the smartphone are not yet known, and the company has not disclosed more information about panel suppliers, nor has it mentioned any specific information about availability.

Levin Liu, Oppo vice president and director of the Oppo Institute, also emphasized this point during the concept stage of the device, but he hopes to bring this technology to consumers “in due course.”