Fast rising Chinese technology brand OPPO recently announced what looks like the world’s first rollable smartphone, which is called the OPPO X 2021 “concept” device. The company also stated that the device is more durable than expected.

Some visual effects of the OPPO concept device indicate that this is an amazing device that mobile enthusiasts will find interesting and the reviews are impressive.

The device works well and reflects the creative team of OPPO. At the unveiling ceremony, Jin Xiang, the company’s hardware structural engineer, made some exciting points about OPPO X 2021, pointing out that the smartphone has undergone extensive testing and impressive performance.

He pointed out that the phone has passed 100,000 curl/roll tests without any damage. The test involved expanding and retracting the display 100,000 times.

OPPO hardware director also stated that this test did not even violate the restriction. Therefore, this shows that smartphones have the ability to withstand uninterrupted scrolling for many years.

For the OPPO brand, this is a considerable milestone. However, OPPO X 2021 has not yet gone on sale because there are still some obstacles before it passes production.

A recent report hinted that with the fine-tuning of the display, the expected launch date is 2022.

The manufacturer of the display is the BOE , detonated pointed out, the display may have to wait until 2022 to put into mass production.

This may cause a long wait time scale to OPPO, since the rollable LG plans to release a smartphone in the first phone. In the second half of 2021, Samsung will also work on this concept.

However, OPPO is the first manufacturer to introduce the working unit of the device to observers.


If the release date of the first rollable smartphone is earlier than the expected release date of 2022, they may also record other content in the record of the first rollable smartphone.